Wrap Text Around Image

This guide will demonstrate how to adjust images within the text of a document.

Before you begin

You should get your API key from your UniCloud account.

If this is your first time using UniOffice SDK, follow this guide to set up a local development environment.

Clone the project repository

In your terminal, clone the examples repository. It contains the Go code we will be using for this guide.

git clone https://github.com/unidoc/unioffice-examples

To get the example navigate to the path document/image-text-wrap folder in the unioffice-examples directory.

cd unioffice-examples/document/image-text-wrap/

How it works

Lines 4-15 import the UniOffice packages and other required dependencies.

The init function in lines 17-24 authenticates your request with your UNIDOC_LICENSE_API_KEY.

In the main function in lines 28-145, the code follows a distinct pattern. In lines 32-35, an image is directly accessed, while in lines 36-43, a file is opened and subsequently converted into an image. These images are then incorporated into the document, and references for future use are acquired in lines 45-52.

Moving forward to lines 54-66, an anchored image is introduced with meticulous adjustments to measurements and alignments. Subsequently, a loop is executed to repeat the text stored in the lorem variable 40 times, and both images are inserted at various indices (controlled by the i variable), altering their positioning and alignments, between lines 68 and 147.

Ultimately, the code concludes by saving the file.

Run the code

Run this command to create a new document with many images added between the text.

go run main.go

Sample output

Image Text Wrap result 1

Image Text Wrap result 2

Image Text Wrap result 3

Got any Questions?

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