Get Doc Info Metadata

This guide will walk you through the example of getting XMP doc info meta data from a pdf file.

Before you begin

You should get your API key from your UniCloud account.

If this is your first time using UniPDF SDK, follow this guide to set up a local development environment.

Project setup

Clone the project repository

In your terminal, clone examples repository. It contains the Go code we will be using for this guide.

git clone

Navigate to the metadata folder in the unipdf-examples directory.

cd unipdf-examples/metadata

Configure environment variables

Replace the UNIDOC_LICENSE_API_KEY with your API credentials from your UniCloud account.





How it works

The following example code gets metadata from pdf file.

In the above code in lines 9-16 unipdf packages and other necessary libraries are imported. The init function in lines 18-25 loads your api key and authenticates your request.

The main function is defined in lines 27-44. In lines 28-32 the input files are read from the command line arguments. The loop in lines 35-43 iterates through each file and extracts the document info and prints it using printPdfDocInfo(inputPath).

In lines 46-119 the function printPdfDocInfo which is used to print the document info is defined. In line 47-51 the file is opened using os.Open(inputPath). In lines 53-61 a new pdfReader object is instantiated and the number of pages is retrieved using pdfReader.GetNumPages(). The document info is extracted using pdfReader.GetPdfInfo() in line 63.

In lines 68-71 a new pdfDocInfo object is instantiated using the following code.

    di := pdfDocInfo{
      Filename: path.Base(inputPath),
      NumPages: numPages,

In lines 73-114 all the available information is extracted from the pdfInfo and is set to the pdfDocInfo. And in line 116 the information is printed using di.print().

In lines 122-136 the pdfDocInfo type is defined. In lines 139-157 The print method of pdfDocInfo which is used to print the extracted pdf document information is defined.

Run the code

go run pdf_metadata_get_docinfo.go <input1.pdf> <input2.pdf> ...

Got any Questions?

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